Our Spring Plant Exchange is back!

May 8th to May 30th 2021!

Each week ( or even each day!!!) New plants will be donated by neighbhours and gardeners at these locations and you can come by and pick up your favourites!

First come, first serve.
While quantities last.

5 locations — 3 weeks of plants!

The way it works:
You bring a plant / take a plant! 
The plant varieties will keep changing. 
LEGS Spring Plant Exchange runs from Sat., May 8 till Sunday, May 30
depending on individual locations.

legs logo

Donate to support our Community based group!
Etransfer Donations accepted at: Legstreasurer@gmail.com

If you can: donate a few extra plants to LEGS.  Drop off at a location near you. See Below.
Some people to not have plants to donate, so they make a small donation to LEGS instead. (above) That is why we really need extra plants. 
Please see what you can spare from your garden, to help us out!

If you need plants that you are donating to be picked up, or have any questions, send us an email to info@legsetobicoke.ca and we will make arrangements and answer any questions that you may have.

Where the plants are:

Location 1

The Healing Muse Apothecary – ECO HUB 2859 Lakeshore Blvd West

The Healing Muse Apothecary – ECO HUB 2859 Lakeshore Blvd West

Will have plants sitting outside the shop for daily pick up

Plant drop off times:  
Monday – Saturday 
9.00am – 5.00pm 

Plant Exchange times:

Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5pm

 Sample plants coming up:
strawberry plants, feverfew, chives, seedling red cabbage, seedling basil.

Location 2


Plant overnight storage and drop off for LEGS:

The Sanderson’s

76 Hillside Ave, Etobicoke, ON  M8V 1S9
Plants can be dropped off anytime

Larger donations:

of plants LEAVE AT front door (OF 76 Hillside)
and then WE can gradually put out plants on the church lawn… to spread the love!

Plant Exchange Location:
Picnic Tables @ Mimico Baptist Church
😯 Hillside Ave, Etobicoke, ON M8V1S9

Plant Exchange times:

Monday to Friday -8:30a.m. to sunset

 Sample plants coming up:

mimico baptist church

Location 3

Longbranch —- Anna

30 Park Blvd, Etobicoke M8W 1G7
Plants drop off: 
on Friday 14th May.

Plant Exchange times:

Saturday start day 15th May – noon to 4.00pm

Location 4

Alderwood — Julie
99 Foch Avenue Etobicoke M8W 3X9

Plant drop off: the week of 3rd of May

Plant Exchange times:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10-1pm

Early plants up for grabs:
wild columbine, tiger lilies and some sedum.

Location 5

Longbranch —- Gary & Donna
7 Lake Promenade Etobicoke M8V 2G6

Plant drop off:
Any Friday before the Saturday

Plant Exchange times:

Saturday 10.00am – 2.00pm

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April Fools Snow has arrived but we still garden!

You may have noticed April fool’s is late this year: snow fall on the 21st of April!

But alas, we have covered crops, prepared bean poles, moved around mulch and pretty much started gardening weekly, whether mother nature welcomes us or not!

Join us – join LEGS all year long. Support our Society, become a member!
email us at info@legsetobicoke.ca

bean pole teepees
bean pole teepees

We have explored the early bird spring plants in our gardens…

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LEGS Garden Update

Welcome new members and returning members. 
We are experiencing beautiful weather at the moment, have you started your seeds  in doors yet? Would you like some free seeds, we have a seed library at The Healing Muse Eco Hub at 2861 Lake Shore Blvd West, drop in and pickup up seeds, many were saved from our gardens last year.  
We always welcome vegetable plants/fruit bushes, native flowers and perennials in our gardens, if you have extras, please let me know, we grow over 480lbs of organic produce in our gardens last year, looking to increase that by another 100lbs this year.  
What’s new in the gardens this year

  • Brand new herb garden– growing herbs for our fundraising drive in the fall, supply Daily Bread Food Bank Kitchen with fresh organic herbs. 
  • New Bee/butterfly pollinator garden- Sowing seeds, transplanting annual/perennial flowers, also native species.
  • Hugelkultur Mound-  Build a new raised bed mound, using tree, trunks, branches, leaves, compost for a brand new raised bed. 
  • New plot raised beds- Optimizing every square cm of the gardens
  • New Vertical structures– Growing more squash, cucumbers, peas, beans. 
  • Growing more under cloche/tunnels- Starting more plants under cover this year.

What we have done so far this year:

  • Pruned apple trees, bagged, removed all branches from gardens
  • Sprayed apple trees with organic dormant spray, 
  • Added tangle wood traps to trunks of apple trees.
  • Tidied up the area, around the plots
  • Pruned fruit bushes
  • Added taps to some of the water butts.  

Upcoming projects March/Mid April:

  • Build vertical structures for squash, peas, beans.
  • Build plot raised beds.
  • Continue to grow seedlings/plants
  • Add more fruit bushes to the fruit garden

If your would like to help in the above projects, please reply to this email and we can get you started volunteering, there will be lots more to do, when our structures are in place and the ground gets warmer.

Have a beautiful sunny week.

Catherine MayledLEGS Garden Coordinator

2021 Community Gardening Guidelines

Gardeners stay safe!

Refer to these exhaustive guidelines provided by the city of Toronto.

See the link below.

COVID-19 guidelines for community and allotment gardens for 2021 are now available. 


New Gardening Season is Here

LEGS members took the opportunity during the fabulous Friday weather and got busy pruning the orchard. It was a very productive first day of the gardening season.

We also applied the tanglefoot to protect the trees from bugs.

If you’d like to bring your gardening expertise to this team of dedicated gardeners or would love to learn and help in the community garden, come join us.

Download the membership brochure here


Seedy Saturday

Old Fashioned Seed Exchange – via Snail Mail
At LEGS, We are hosting a virtual (via snail mail) Seedy Saturday all spring. Starting February 27, 2021 to May 24th – you can send us a SASE, Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope, to our ECO HUB in Etobicoke and we shall send it back to you with seeds requested, while quantities last.
We are also participating in the Virtual Seedy Saturday hosted by Seeds of Diversity on February 27th, 10am to 2pm
Join us online here:


FEBRUARY 27, 10 am to 2 pm

This year, due to COVID concerns, Seedy Saturday is going VIRTUAL!  Brought to you  by Seeds of Diversity Canada, Toronto Urban Growers and Seedy Saturday organizers from across Toronto, this day promises to be full of great gardening & growing advice. And Seeds? Of course!  We will have many ways for you to access the seeds that you need!

 At the Toronto Virtual Seedy Saturday   www.seedysaturday.ca/toronto you can:

  • Find links to companies selling seeds and gardening products online
  • Learn about seeds and gardening through webinars and videos with gardening experts across the city
  • Ask gardening questions in online meeting rooms with exhibitors
  • Find local seed exchanges
  • Find activities for kids
  • Ask questions about the event at a welcome table with a live person

If you have saved seeds this year, please consider contributing to the local seed exchanges! See the website for a drop-off location near you http://seedysaturday.ca/toronto-seed-exchange/

Please share the event with your networks!

FB: https://fb.me/e/24UWVkxrr

Seedy Saturdays


Posted by LINDSAY S.onJANUARY 11, 2021

2021 ON YOUR WAY! CHECK OUT Toronto Urban Growersor Seedysaturdays.ca/toronto to keep up to date on the exchanges and online seminars!

LITERALLY  it is the MOST wonderful time of the year – SEEDY SATURDAYS ARE UPON US! (soon)

YES – you can swap seeds this year! YES – seminars and webinars will still be on – just virtually! and YES – Seed vendors will still be selling – links will be available to their website, if you don’t already know them yourselves! 

BUT NOOO – You cannot gather and mill around inside or out, as in-person seed trading will not take place. Sorry! 

TAKE HEART! Here’s what’s happening and how you can still trade seeds:

Each neighbourhood/catchment/communitywill be hosting a seed exchange. We (event hosts, including me) are collecting seeds ahead of time. They are sorted by volunteers, and some re-packed. This year, it is strongly requested/recommended to pack your own seeds and label them for donation. 

PLEASE SPECIFY: Seed type (as much detail as possible), the year it was collected, and YOUR FULL NAME (This will be needed for when you make your seed requests – but also, do you know how many Mike’s I know?).

Don’t run out and buy envelopes! You can DIY your own or re-use old envelopes. I found a great DIY envelope tutorial and tried it out – it was super easy! But do as you like with whatever you have in your home. It’s best if placed in paper – not plastic. Plastic retains moisture and seeds can rot. If ziploc is all you got, don’t worry, seeds are collected regularly and will be sorted. Just be sure it’s sealed air-tight!