Thank you — Midsummer Blessings for our Lead Garden Steward Catherine

mid July super thank you Catherine!

It’s high time we take a moment to stop and appreciate, applaud, rejoice, and count our blessings for having such an amazing and dedicated, joyful and wonderful lead Garden Stewart as part of our community gardens here at LEGS Etobicoke: Catherine Mayled! She has taken our society of Lakeshore Environmental Gardeners by healthy rain nourishing storm! And, that makes us all grow food! And, we are growing our Community Food Security as a result. Want to join us?

thank you!

The Garlic Harvest Season is in full bloom and Our Garden Steward Lead – Catherine Mayled
Leads us to great success!

We are Thankful!

Are you ready to join us in the garden and grow even more food and community love?
If you are, we are happy to have you join us. The spinach will love you. And, the beans will love you. Of course, the garlic is smiling. Can you see?!?

garlic harvest
garlic harvest is great this season and we are rejoicing!
allium grows
allium grows
harvest time
harvest time

Plants Donated and Our History Honoured

Our Gardens are Blooming! Here’s what new from the last few weeks


We received some wonderful organic vegetables plant donations from Stefan & Lucas at etobiGrow.
They are an amazing company founded by  brothers Stefan and Lukas, please check out their website, it would be great to support them next year, I will be getting my organic potting soil from them.Buy Local and Organic Plants with etobiGrow | See what’s growing!

South Garden – Garden Ongoing Chores!

Harvest fruit
Pick up fallen cherries/apples

Honouring the North American Way of Planting
Plant up another 3 sisters area for Canada Day

Come and see our new 3 sisters  garden plots:

The Iroquois (Hodeneshone) were agricultural people who lived along the eastern shores of Lake Ontario in Canada, and in northern New York State below the St. Lawrence River.

Among the good spirits of the Iroquois are the three sisters who reside over their favourite vegetables – corn, beans and squash. They are represented as loving one another very dearly and dwelling together in peace and unity.

The vines of the vegetables grow upon the same soil and cling lovingly to one another. The spirit of corn is draped over the corn with its green leaves and silken tassels which represent a green shawl and long blond hair. The sister who guards the bean has the garments of velvety green pods and delicate tendrils, while the spirit of the squash is clothed with the brilliant yellow blossoms.

On bright nights you may be able to see the spirit of the three sisters flitting about or hear them rustling amongst the tall corn.

We Learn about Gardening & Growing Sustainably All Year Long!

Come Bloom With us: join us at

Our Community Garden, You, Urban farming, We belong together

At long last, the weather has turned into warm and sunny support that we need to grow our wonderful plants, to grow our food, to grow our community.

For a while there, the nights turn cold and then the days we get hot and then there was wind and then there was rain and our gardens were all getting a world wind of activity. Did you find that May was quite a disturbance? It was touch and go there for a while wasn’t it? Did you put sheets on top of your raised vegetable beds?

community garden 1

Our garden is flourishing

Have a look at the wonderful work that is growing in our community garden farm, in our community.

Come join us and celebrate and learn and support the earth with us. <– members and volunteers wanted!!!

community garden  garlic

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