April 4, 2020

Welcome to LEGS

Lakeshore Environmental Gardening Society on site.
– Bringing communities together one plant at a time.


 Welcome to LEGS!

LEGS is located in the heart of South Etobicoke where the breeze from the lake makes for later springs, cooler summers and longer falls. It’s a special area where you are never far from water and a natural area, whether it’s Lake Ontario, Etobicoke Creek, Mimico Creek, or the Humber River.

Rooted in this patch of geography LEGS is a community group dedicated to green spaces, green thumbs, fresh ideas, and healthy environments. LEGS was founded on the premise of true & complete environmentalism: reuse, reduce, recycle. We share ideas, information, time, sometimes even tools, and transportation. We exchange plants, seedlings, tools, books and we foster relationships with individuals and groups that support our philosophy. We welcome local gardeners to meet, share ideas and gardening tips and work on saving the environment one plant at a time.

Current Event

Daisy flower with heart centreMeet up at the Healing Muse Apothecary.