What is Colonel Sam Growing?


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I was wondering if you would know where I could information on the following; a list of plant species in Colonel Sam Smith Park, especially invasive, native and edible plants, a vegetation map would be even better…does anything like that exist? Also, information on soil types and where to find samples/examples of them.

One thought on “What is Colonel Sam Growing?

  1. I have helped out with a number of the shrub/tree plantings that have taken place on the east side of the playing field just north of the bike path and around the pond. These plantings are mixes of service berries, dogwoods, maples, cedars, willow among others. The service berries are edible and enjoyed by the birds and humans alike. Coltsfoot has been planted as well along the water edges in a number of locations.
    Invasives observed include Japanese knotwood and garlic mustard.