For those of you that missed, or want to review, the excellent Webinar on Bylaw 489 Grass and Weeds that Lorraine Johnson and Nina-Marie Lister organized and Carly Murphy ably hosted, it is online at

For those that are not familiar with Bylaw 489, consider yourselves blessed, but you still may want to review the webinar because the bylaw can be used to threaten just about any garden in Toronto with vegetation over 20cm at any time.

I especially recommend 36:24 – 45:15, 59:43 – 1:05:09, 1:27:28 – 1:31:10 where Patricia Landry from Parks, Forestry and Recreation gives her position on the bylaw.

While Patricia is well aware of the issues Toronto faces around biodiversity, climate change etc. she didn’t actually propose any significant changes to the bylaw. I expect further lobbying will be required to effect real change to the bylaw.