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Florals: Desire and Design 

On view through September 6, 2021

With world-wide exploration and economic expansion in the 1700s came a fascination with plants and flowers, Floralshighlights botany’s connection to the culture of the era throughinfluential botanical publications and exquisite illustrationsalongside stunning Indian cotton textiles covered with colourful hand-painted flowers.

The Cloth that Changed the World: India’s Painted and Printed Cottons

On view through September 6, 2021

Featuring pieces from the Museum’s world-renowned collection, this ROM-original exhibition explores how India’s artisans have created, perfected and innovated printed and painted multicoloured cotton fabrics to fashion the body, honour divinities, and beautify palaces and homes.

What You Need to Know Before Your Visit: We encourage you to learn more about the ROM’s safety measures in preparation for your visit to the Museum. The ROM has rigorous health and safety protocols in place for our visitors and staff, which is our top priority.

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Image Credit:1. Woman’s jacket. Made in coastal southeast India for the Dutch market; used in Hindeloopen, Friesland. Mordant-dyed and resist-dyed cotton, 18th century, 57.8 cm.


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Florals: Desire & Design

The Cloth that Changed the World: India’s Painted and Printed Cottons

What you need to know before your visit: