Welcome new members and returning members. 
We are experiencing beautiful weather at the moment, have you started your seeds  in doors yet? Would you like some free seeds, we have a seed library at The Healing Muse Eco Hub at 2861 Lake Shore Blvd West, drop in and pickup up seeds, many were saved from our gardens last year.  
We always welcome vegetable plants/fruit bushes, native flowers and perennials in our gardens, if you have extras, please let me know, we grow over 480lbs of organic produce in our gardens last year, looking to increase that by another 100lbs this year.  
What’s new in the gardens this year

  • Brand new herb garden– growing herbs for our fundraising drive in the fall, supply Daily Bread Food Bank Kitchen with fresh organic herbs. 
  • New Bee/butterfly pollinator garden- Sowing seeds, transplanting annual/perennial flowers, also native species.
  • Hugelkultur Mound-  Build a new raised bed mound, using tree, trunks, branches, leaves, compost for a brand new raised bed. 
  • New plot raised beds- Optimizing every square cm of the gardens
  • New Vertical structures– Growing more squash, cucumbers, peas, beans. 
  • Growing more under cloche/tunnels- Starting more plants under cover this year.

What we have done so far this year:

  • Pruned apple trees, bagged, removed all branches from gardens
  • Sprayed apple trees with organic dormant spray, 
  • Added tangle wood traps to trunks of apple trees.
  • Tidied up the area, around the plots
  • Pruned fruit bushes
  • Added taps to some of the water butts.  

Upcoming projects March/Mid April:

  • Build vertical structures for squash, peas, beans.
  • Build plot raised beds.
  • Continue to grow seedlings/plants
  • Add more fruit bushes to the fruit garden

If your would like to help in the above projects, please reply to this email and we can get you started volunteering, there will be lots more to do, when our structures are in place and the ground gets warmer.

Have a beautiful sunny week.

Catherine MayledLEGS Garden Coordinator