We are already thinking about spring…and our upcoming Seedy Saturday / Seed Swap events! If you have seeds to spare and you wish to donate some, please send an email with the subject line of SEED DONATION to legsetobicoke@gmail.com and we will get in touch.

How we like our seeds:

  • Open-pollinated, and non-hybrid
  • Completely dry
  • Flower, vegetable, and herbs seeds are welcome. Heirloom seeds are very welcome!
seeds buckets for our seed library to share with you

our seed library is always open:
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How to save seeds:

  • Collect seeds when they are mature and not from rotten or diseased plants/fruit.
  • Allow seeds to dry on the living plant whenever possible before collecting.
  • Once collected, you can finish drying the seeds in paper bags, or place them on paper towel on a cookie sheet.
  • When they are dry, place them in clearly labelled envelopes or small glass jars. Once in containers, try to keep in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

How to drop off seed donations

Labelling Seed Donations

  • Please carefully label each container (envelope, jar, etc.) with the:
  • NAME of the seed,
  • DATE it was collected
  • WHERE it was collected (rough idea, like ‘Mimico’)