Seed Donations Wanted

We are already thinking about spring…and our upcoming Seedy Saturday / Seed Swap events in the early spring. So, if you wish to donate seeds, please send an email with the subject line of SEED DONATION to and we will get in touch.

How we like our seeds:

  • Open-pollinated, and non-hybrid
  • Completely dry
  • Flower, vegetable, and herbs seeds are welcome. Heirloom seeds are very welcome!

How to save seeds:

  • Collect seeds when they are mature and not from rotten or diseased plants/fruit.
  • Allow seeds to dry on the living plant whenever possible before collecting.
  • Once collected, you can finish drying the seeds in paper bags, or place them on paper towel on a cookie sheet.
  • When they are dry, place them in clearly labelled envelopes or small glass jars. Once in containers, try to keep in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

How to drop off seed donations

Labelling Seed Donations

  • Please carefully label each container (envelope, jar, etc.) with the:
  • NAME of the seed,
  • DATE it was collected
  • WHERE it was collected (rough idea, like ‘Mimico’)

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