Tree for Free 2023


We are delighted to announce that the Long Branch Neighbourhood Association (LBNA) is once again able to offer free trees to our community. Let’s keep the City of Toronto Canopy growing and stay cool.

This program supports the City of Toronto’s 40% tree canopy coverage target by encouraging tree planting and tree care on private property in Toronto. Before you choose, measure out the areas in your garden that have room for a new canopy.

Choose from one of 8 native tree and shrub species, which are suitable for all yards.

If you miss this June’s date of June 3rd – sign up for next year!

Large Canopy Trees

  • Red Maple
  • White Birch
  • White Spruce
  • White Pine

Small-to-Medium Size Trees

  • Nannyberry


  • Common Black Elderberry
  • Red Osier Dogwood
  • Common Ninebark

New this year:

We have a few Tree Protectors available for $5 each or 5 for $20. Did you know that Tree Protectors will help protect the stems of your trees from damage due to animals and weed eaters. They are available when you pick up your free tree and are cash only.

You can order, on our Shop Page or select LBNA Tree for Free Registration from the main menu.

The Pickup Process

We will distribute your trees by volunteers from the LBNA on Saturday, June 3rd, from 10 am to 12:00 pm in Colonel Samuel Smith Park.   If you miss this deadline, email to get on the list for 2024.

As you drive down Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive, you’ll find some of our volunteers at the roadside. They’ll confirm you’re on our list and give you a pickup slip. Please bring a copy of the email confirmation you would have received, that will help them process you even faster and ensure you get the trees you really wanted.

In addition, to make the process efficient and safe, we suggest you park and then walk to the pickup area to get your free tree(s). If the traffic turns out to be light that day, you will be directed by our volunteers to drive up to the pickup location. Lastly, select from one of our 15-minute time slots to assist in traffic and parking management. Since parking is limited.

 Tree for Free Pickup Area and Parking


Because funding for this program comes from the City of Toronto, this program is limited to residents of Toronto and any trees ordered must be planted within the City of Toronto.

We all play a role in making Toronto greener. As long as we share these resources, we keep growing, together. Trees keep our cities cool. Moreover, they create habitats for our local flora and fauna.

Let’s get planting Long Branch!

Have any questions? please email

Funding for this project is thanks to a Community Planting & Stewardship Grant from the City of Toronto.

Learn more about ongoing grants here from Tree Canada