About Us


We strive to grow food security and educate the public on permaculture, organic and urban safe food growing practices throughout South Etobicoke and west Toronto regions. We strive to create and support spaces that extend to vulnerable communities and anyone that wants and needs access to healthy, fresh, and affordable food. While creating healthier communities might involve complex situations and processes we simply focus on growing community one plant at a time.

Our Leadership Focus

  • Build community strength by offering free plants and nature education at related events in our neighbourhoods.
  • Facilitate wildlife restoration through wild garden practices and education and park clean-ups.
  • Bring programs and wildlife gardens to schools in our community to introduce youth to sound gardening and environmental practices.
  • Partner with youth, seniors, and local community groups to develop a strong South Etobicoke web of programs, workshops, and information.

Our Gardens

We have a sustainable Community food forest garden with permaculture and organic principles at the Daily Bread Food Bank, located at 191 New Toronto St., Etobicoke, ON M8V 2E7.

We also extend our gardens beyond boundaries of property and support all people growing plants in their own gardens and exchanging plants, seeds and conversations.

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