Seed Donations Wanted


We are already thinking about spring…and our upcoming Seedy Saturday / Seed Swap events in the early spring. So, if you wish to donate seeds, please send an email with the subject line of SEED DONATION to and we will get in touch.

How we like our seeds:

  • Open-pollinated, and non-hybrid
  • Completely dry
  • Flower, vegetable, and herbs seeds are welcome. Heirloom seeds are very welcome!

How to save seeds:

  • Collect seeds when they are mature and not from rotten or diseased plants/fruit.
  • Allow seeds to dry on the living plant whenever possible before collecting.
  • Once collected, you can finish drying the seeds in paper bags, or place them on paper towel on a cookie sheet.
  • When they are dry, place them in clearly labelled envelopes or small glass jars. Once in containers, try to keep in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

How to drop off seed donations

Labelling Seed Donations

  • Please carefully label each container (envelope, jar, etc.) with the:
  • NAME of the seed,
  • DATE it was collected
  • WHERE it was collected (rough idea, like ‘Mimico’)

Our Fall Tea Blends are now available: a Fundraiser at Tatsu’s Bakery

Our Fall Teas are Available for sale/donation! Our Annual fall Fundraiser is at Tatsu’s Bakery on Lakeshore Blvd West, South Etobicoke. Tatsu’s makes the most delicious sourdough rye bread and dairy free scones! Perfect for some tea and jam winter combos.

Delicious Fall Herbal Teas Available

Fall Herbal Tea fundraiser for Lakeshore Environmental Gardening Society
fall teas at tatsus bakery for sale

Lakeshore Environmental Garden Society Tea Blends – Fall 2022

Fundraiser Fall Tea Blends Available

Fall Herbal Tea fundraiser for Lakeshore Environmental Gardening Society Our Herb Garden

“Secret Garden” Tea

 lemon balm, spearmint, anise hyssop, lavender, calendula 

“Down Memory Lane” Tea

apple mint, sage, lavender, blue cornflower

“Sweet Dreams” Tea

Chamomile, apple mint, lemon balm, lemongrass

Perfect Fall Tea for the wonderful sweets at Tatsu’s:

We are selling our organic herbal teas at this local Toronto treasure of a bakery and you must visit!

Tatsus pastries baked cookies scones go well with our fall teas
shop Tatsus’ baked goods here

Tatsu’s Bread- at 3180 Lake Shore Blvd. West, just west of Kipling Avenue on the north side.
Thank you very much to Tatsu’s for providing this opportunity for LEGS!

These Fall Herbal teas blends are from herbs we have grown in our LEGS Herb Garden at the Daily Bread Food Bank, on New Toronto Street just east of Islington Avenue. If you love this initiative, you would love being a member of our garden steward community. Why not join now?
Our annual fundraiser is always a popular event just in time for hostess gifts and Christmas stocking stuffers.

There are 3 varieties of herbal tea available.

Fundraiser Pricing!
While quantities last.

Packages are being sold for $5 each: $2.50 goes directly to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

This is a great excuse to visit the bakery – Barbara, our Co-Chair highly recommends their veggie quiche and chocolate croissants!

Please drop by Tatsu’s and support LEGS and the Daily Bread Food Bank by purchasing a bag or two of our tea.

from your LEGS Board and Garden Stewards for 2022/2023

tea blending party with our garden stewards at LEGS

When you support us, you support the entire community.

We thank you.

You may also donate by sending in an e-transfer anytime, no donation is too small.
Send a $5 Volunteer Thank you transfer to:

Fall Garden Blessing and Drumming Circle



Saturday – 15th October, 2022
10am at our Community Gardens

191 New Toronto Street, Toronto

In Our Community Garden at Daily Bread Food Bank

email us for more info:

Join us in our fall drumming, singing with the earth and giving thanks in harmony with the land.

We are joined by Andrew Feathers, a local Anishinaabe artist in Toronto. Let us sing and drum with the heart beat of our great mother earth and spend time reconnecting and remembering the bounty of this land.

We are learning and remembering together

Land Acknowledgement

The following statement is Toronto Metropolitan University’s Land Acknowledgement (from their website here)

“Toronto is in the ‘Dish With One Spoon Territory’.  The Dish With One Spoon is a treaty between the Anishinaabe, Mississaugas and Haudenosaunee that bound them to share the territory and protect the land. Subsequent Indigenous Nations and peoples, Europeans and all newcomers have been invited into this treaty in the spirit of peace, friendship and respect.”

We share all our resources at LEGS. The Dish with On Spoon Territory land acknowledgement and honouring of the Treaty is remembered and shared here. We strive to continue to share the land as garden stewards and also share our teachings our stories and bring all communities together, at the table.

learn more about these beautiful lands:

We’re Featured in the Daily Bread Food Bank Blog

The September 16 Blog post on the Daily Bread Food Bank’s site focuses on how our community is using donated land to grow food! Read “Planter Beds Instead of Unused Land: Growing Produce in Our Neighbourhood” here!

foodbank garden blog photo

“Thanks to our beautiful partnerships with organizations like Daily Bread that donate the use of the land, we have gardens run by the community, for the community,” says Monika Meulman, social media director of the Lakeshore Environmental Gardening Society (LEGS). “Sustainability and supporting our neighbours is at the heart of what we do, and what better way to do that than by providing our community with access to fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Our Annual Plant Exchange is back

Our annual plant exchange is back at last. This is the 12th plant exchange event we have organized in Etobicoke and we are so looking forward to growing with you!

Date: Sunday May 8th, 2022
Yes, it’s Mother’s Day – but the morning only!

Time: 9-12pm
Early birds bring the best plants!

Assembly Hall
1 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive

Rain or Shine!

What happens at our Plant Exchange?

our plant exchange in etobicoke

Good question!

Bring a plant and take home a plant. All plants are donated by local gardeners from overflowing gardens. There is usually something for everyone! Maybe you need some more bulbs or berries or daylilies or you have tons of those to share.

Bring them with you when you come.

daisy grows our community hearts at legs
Daisy Heart for the Avid Gardener (in love with Flowers)

At our Plant Exchange we also have:

  • seed exchange
  • LEGS membership table
  • seedlings good to go home with you by donation
  • local garden and community groups joining us
join us – email us at to help out or find out more!

We are proud and happy to Partner with the Assembly Hall, our long time Plant Exchange location in south west Etobicoke

Assembly Hall
1 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive

Etobicoke, Ontario

Did you know?

Seed and plant exchanges allow gardeners of every level in our community to come together and share seeds, cuttings, and transplants from their own gardens to swap with others. Even wisdom, sometimes books and references are shared. Most importantly, new friendships and stories are shared!

participating community groups:

Gardens Lakeshore – Growing better communities in South Etobicoke
We are Building Communities & Food Security together!

Blast from the past! (our past snapshots)

Assembly Hall – Rainy Day Plant Exchange


You are invited to:

join us in our first annual September Harvest showcase.

We hope to see you in our community gardens, in the west end of Toronto, South Etobicoke. We have been working very hard to grow an urban farming environment that’s inviting and welcoming to everyone.

Come see our growing gardens, pollinator beds, raised beds, Fruit Orchard and join us in the many activities we have planned for this coming September 11th, 2021.

We support the Daily Bread Food Bank with our produce and our dedicated garden steward volunteers work had weekly to grow food for everyone – growing food security where it is needed the most!

Date: September 11th, Saturday 9-1pm

Location: 191 New Toronto Street, Etobicoke

Daily Bread Food Bank Grounds

Plant Contest

Send us your wackiest plant photos!

We are running a summer garden contest for the oddest, weirdest, funniest, wackiest plants you grew this year!

Send us the photo via email to: or dm us on social media at our facebook page, instagram or twitter

Show us your #legswackyplants !!!

Winner gets a $25 Gift Certificate to Sweet Olenka’s Chocolate & Ice Cream & Bragging Rights until next year!

Activities planned for the day:

  • Garden Tours
  • Explore the Fruit Orchard
  • Plant & Seed Exchange
  • Discover our New Pollinator Garden
  • Learn about Composting & see our Compost Structures (thank you to FoodShare!)
  • Find your new favourite Library Garden Book courtesy of the Toronto Public Library
  • Donate non-perishable food for our Food Drive at the Food Bank
  • and more!

need more details? email us at

Tea Fundraiser Update! For fall 2021

Get set and ready to make tea, for fall.

We are launching our Annual Tea Fundraiser this fall – starting this month. Making blends and custom tea blends. Want to join us?

We will discuss growing, harvesting, drying and storing teas!

In preparation for our tea production we are going to have at least one (or more time permitting) tea blending party.

We will mix herbs and dried fruit and try a few.

We will work on developing our LEGS signature blends among them Summer Berry Tea (name to be chosen).

You are invited to come to the Healing Muse. 
Wed August 11th at 5 p.m.


We will need a couple of tea kettles and a few, maybe 4-5 teaposts (small) if everybody brings one it should be enough.

If you have already experimented with different blends pls bring your recipes.
We have some recipes from last year and will develop new ones.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Healing Muse!

See some sample ideas for recipes from Dorota here:

For those of us who like to experiment I have 3 book recommendations.
 All available at the library.

Lois Hole. Herbs and edibile flowers
– cucumber and lemon balm marmalade (with lemons)- fried sage leaves- tarragon cream pesto- zucchini-rosemary pickles

Tart and Sweet. Kellly Geary and Jessie Knadler
– sweet apple cider baby beets- pickled baby beets with juniper berries- peach lavender jam- canned hole berries- pickled cauliflower- ginger garlic pickles- zucchini relish

Canning for a New Generation: Bold, Fresh Flavours for a Modern Pantry. Liana Krissoff
– pickled asparagus- blackberry jam with lemon zest- apricot halves with honey and ginger- peaches in vanilla syrup- peach jam with lemon thyme- raspberry jam with mint and lavender- roasted peppers with lemon juice- zucchini bread-and-butter pickles with ginger- mint apple jelly

next up: preserves are fun!

Plants Donated and Our History Honoured

Our Gardens are Blooming! Here’s what new from the last few weeks


We received some wonderful organic vegetables plant donations from Stefan & Lucas at etobiGrow.
They are an amazing company founded by  brothers Stefan and Lukas, please check out their website, it would be great to support them next year, I will be getting my organic potting soil from them.Buy Local and Organic Plants with etobiGrow | See what’s growing!

South Garden – Garden Ongoing Chores!

Harvest fruit
Pick up fallen cherries/apples

Honouring the North American Way of Planting
Plant up another 3 sisters area for Canada Day

Come and see our new 3 sisters  garden plots:

The Iroquois (Hodeneshone) were agricultural people who lived along the eastern shores of Lake Ontario in Canada, and in northern New York State below the St. Lawrence River.

Among the good spirits of the Iroquois are the three sisters who reside over their favourite vegetables – corn, beans and squash. They are represented as loving one another very dearly and dwelling together in peace and unity.

The vines of the vegetables grow upon the same soil and cling lovingly to one another. The spirit of corn is draped over the corn with its green leaves and silken tassels which represent a green shawl and long blond hair. The sister who guards the bean has the garments of velvety green pods and delicate tendrils, while the spirit of the squash is clothed with the brilliant yellow blossoms.

On bright nights you may be able to see the spirit of the three sisters flitting about or hear them rustling amongst the tall corn.

We Learn about Gardening & Growing Sustainably All Year Long!

Come Bloom With us: join us at

Garden Time is rewarding for all Volunteers

Thank you to Barbara, Dorota, Ewa, Matt, Pete, Cathy, Rene, Marcy for your hard work today…

Dorota – Our Orchard Steward –

She feeds us well. She brought in these delicious beauties for the hard working garden stewards!
See how our community garden is thriving.

Well done – all before the start of June hot days!
Thank you to Dorota for organizing the apple socks and the delicious muffins and Barbara for bringing and making the wooden apples, also Marcy for taking photographs for us.  You are the community in action.

What We accomplished:
• Watering
• Weeding
• Planting
• PruningApple socks and traps. 

Thank you everyone for your time today.
LEGS Garden Coordinator

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Plant Exchange June 1 Update! 1 Week left!

Our 2021 Spring Plant Exchange was a tremendous success – thank you to all of you! May your gardens and hearts bloom with much love.

Our star Plant Exchange Sharer, Gatherer, Fundraiser Was Julie – Thank you Julie!!!

So far we have raised over $350 and still going strong!

Our Community Garden always needs more volunteers for weeding, watering, and general plant love.
Our Community LEGS garden group always needs more members to create open, accesible events and programs for everyone to learn.

Donate your time or money anytime to help us grow this community one plant at a time!

Support us with your $10 Membership donation now:
eTransfer to:
and notify us if you would like a membership card as well

Image source:

Plants Available for Exchange 1 more week at our ECO HUB

The Healing Muse Apothecary – We love Plants!
2859 Lakeshore Blvd West. Etobicoke ON M8V 1H8

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